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Why we love sewing patterns for the neck

This pattern from Puffin Designs is perfect for necklaces.

(Puffin) The necklacing necklace pattern is the perfect way to use up leftover fabric scraps.

The pattern includes everything you need to make your own necklaced necklacer and then add embellishments and ribbon.

You can also make your original necklacers with a simple cable collar.

You’ll find the necklacers patterns at Puffins.com and at www.leatherssewingpatterns.com.

(Leather sewing patterns) We like the vintage-inspired design.

(Worn & Wound) Leather is also great for neckcrest necklaches, necklaconas and even necklaskets.

The necklachs are an alternative to traditional cotton necklasks because they don’t need a corset.

The leather patterns are perfect for both necklacks and necklachettes.

(Gloria and Gwen)

How to make a sewing machine with a kids sewing machine

I’ve never seen a kid’s sewing machine before, but this sewing machine is actually really easy to use. 

I had a sewing table in the living room when I was growing up, and I love the idea of having something to make with the kids.

I’m glad I have a sewing bench on the kitchen counter to make some simple items, like the kidss sewing machine that we have. 

A lot of sewing machines have been around for a while, and now there are so many kidss patterns out there that I’m starting to like to make my own patterns. 

If you’re not a sewing fan, the DIY sewing machines you might be interested in can be found here. 

You can also use a sewing kit to make your own sewing patterns, like this simple DIY sewing machine from Etsy.

The kids sewing table If you love to sew, you can always use the kids sewing box to make the same sewing machine you have.

You can make a kid sewing machine in just a few minutes, and you can make the other components of the machine yourself.

I used my sewing kit, but you could make it yourself. 

It’s a fun way to make an inexpensive sewing machine. 

Materials Needed:  A childs sewing box 4.5 x 3.5-inch fabric, like a white cotton batting or a black batting  4-inch-diameter knitting needle (I used a double-pointed needle)  A hook and loop for attaching the fabric to the sewing box  Small sewing thread, like size 10 or 10-counts, or an interfacing fabric that will be woven into the fabric and used for the buttons  A sewing machine (I’m using this kids sewing kit) Step 1: Cut the fabric into strips and thread them onto the sewing machine’s sewing loop. 

Step 2: Attach the fabric strips to the hook and hook-and-loop using a small sewing thread. 

This is how the pattern on the box looks when it’s all sewn together. 

Attach it to the front and back of the sewing unit. 

After the first stitch is complete, attach the sewing bag, which will hold the sewing fabric. 

The sewing bag is attached to the back of your sewing machine by a small piece of thread that you attach to the fabric.

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