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When a sewer camera goes bad, the solution is simple: buy one

A video of a sewer surveillance camera in a Cincinnati sewer system went viral in December 2016 after it malfunctioned and caught on fire.

The footage, which was captured on a smartphone, showed the moment the camera suddenly stopped working, before the camera operator was able to remove it from the sewer system.

The camera was installed at the Cincinnati Sewer District, which operates under a state sewerage program.

The video shows the sewer surveillance cameras in action on the Cincinnati sewer water system.

After the footage went viral, the city of Cincinnati launched a recall effort to replace the cameras, with some residents claiming they were damaged by the heat of the video.

A week later, the agency issued a recall notice, warning that the sewer camera could potentially catch fire if it is improperly adjusted.

On Wednesday, the City of Cincinnati announced that it would install a new sewer surveillance system on its sewer water systems.

The system, which is still under development, is expected to be operational in early 2019.

The sewer surveillance video is one of many surveillance video footage captured by the camera that was recorded at the time of the malfunction.

The cameras are used to monitor a wide area around the sewer and the surrounding area, including schools, businesses and homes.

In most cases, the surveillance cameras are mounted on high-end surveillance equipment, like the ones seen in the video above.

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