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Which NFL players are doing the best sewing on their shoes?

By now, you’ve probably noticed a trend of NFL players wearing a pair of shoes to work or socialize in the offseason.

While there’s nothing wrong with wearing a work shoe to go to the beach or run errands, it’s important to know how to get the best of both worlds when it comes to the leatherwork.

So we asked a few of the league’s best players to share their tips on the best shoes for a working or social life.


Joe Flacco: Joe Flaccus is a shoe-slinging machine enthusiast.

After his career in the NFL ended in 2011, he began tinkering with his craft again and started making his own shoes.

“I’m not going to lie, I’m a bit of a shoemaker.

I’ve got an obsession with leather, leather shoes, leather, all that sort of stuff,” Flacco said.

“If you’ve ever seen a shoe that was made in Italy, you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about.”

When it comes down to the shoe, Flacco prefers a leather work shoe that’s not too loose and with a bit more toe clearance.

“The only thing I can really complain about is the fit.

I’m like, ‘It’s too tight!’

And then I’m trying to find out where I can get that back,” Flacci said.

That said, Flaccos shoes are still a bargain.

“When you buy a pair, I’ll take a look at it and say, ‘This is the best I can do for you,'” he said.


Ryan Tannehill: Tannehills favorite shoe, the Nike Air Max 1, has been his go-to shoe for years.

When it came time to get his first pair of Air Max, he bought it off of a sneaker store and quickly became a fan.

“It’s just so comfortable.

I could wear it every day, every workout, every time I go to work,” he said, adding that he was even willing to make the pair his own and use his own leather work tools to make it.

“For me, it was the most comfortable shoe I’ve ever owned.

It was the first shoe I wore every day,” Tanne said.

If you’re going to make a pair yourself, check out the best leatherwork tools for shoes to help you get the job done.


J.J. Watt: Watt is the most versatile player on the roster.

While he’s not the only one who can wear multiple pairs of shoes at once, he does wear a variety of them and says he’s been wearing multiple pairs for years to keep himself organized.

“That’s my job, I do everything that I can to keep myself organized and in control of everything I do,” Watt said.

While it’s always nice to be able to have more than one pair of sneakers to work with, he doesn’t really mind being a bit minimalist.

“There’s a lot of shoes I’m going to wear every day that are just my style.

“Now that I’m healthy, I think I’m more disciplined with my shoes and I’m really happy with the ones that I do wear.” “

A couple of years ago, I had an injury and it was pretty hard to wear anything other than sneakers and I just couldn’t keep up with what I needed to,” Watt continued.

“Now that I’m healthy, I think I’m more disciplined with my shoes and I’m really happy with the ones that I do wear.”


Adrian Peterson: Adrian Peterson’s favorite shoe is the Nike XC1.

Peterson says that his favorite shoe has to be his XC 1, which is a pair he wears every day.

“To me, the XC is my go- to shoe.

I’ll wear it whenever I have an opportunity to work out.

It’s my go to when I’m out and about.

It just feels good to me,” Peterson said.

The most versatile shoe on the team is the Zebra Ultra.

Peterson is an avid runner and says that the Z-Zero is his favorite sneaker on the field.

“My favorite shoe on my team is my Zebra, it really suits me,” he explained.

When you’re working out, Peterson’s Zebra is one of the best options on the market.


Aaron Rodgers: When it’s not working out or when you’re looking for a new pair of pants, Rodgers has an Air Max.

When the Packers quarterback was looking for shoes for his first two seasons in the league, he had to choose between the Air Max and the Zeros.

“Just because of how I looked, I went with the Airmax.

It feels like the right fit for me.

It definitely fits well, but it just feels right to me.

If I needed a different pair, it’d be a good idea to go with the ZERO

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