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‘Weirdo’ a ‘stylized version’ of the ‘Ghostbusters’ poster, says movie’s costume designer

A poster from “Ghostbusters” star Kristen Wiig’s “Weirdos” series shows the actress with a ‘bikini’ style dress that resembles a ghostbuster costume, a costume designer says.

The poster, which is set to appear in theaters Aug. 7, is the first time a costume design has been used for the popular movie.

The concept is similar to the one used in the 2008 sci-fi film “Jurassic Park.”

The costume is created by “The Art of the Comic Book Artist” by Matt Wilson, a Seattle-based costume designer who has worked on a number of “Ghostbusting” films.

It has been the subject of a lot of speculation, but Wilson said the costume will most likely look similar to a “stylistic version” of the iconic Ghostbusters poster.

In the poster, Wiig is seen wearing a “bikini” outfit and is joined by two other characters in a room where the costume is supposed to be.

The costume, Wilson said, is meant to look like the Ghostbusters “ghostbusters” from the film franchise.

It’s also meant to be “sassy” and “cool,” he said.

The design for the costume was first used on the set of “Jursuit,” which Wilson co-directed.

“We were in awe of the work that Matt did,” Wiig said in a statement.

“I love that he is taking this idea and trying to make it work.

I am so proud of this design.

I hope that this design is embraced by all fans of the films.

We can’t wait to see how it is received by fans.

Stay tuned.”

Wiig also tweeted about the costume.

She said she had to draw inspiration from the “bizarre” design of the poster and the “spooky” costumes that the film featured.

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