How to clean up a sewing machine

Aug 30, 2021 Project

An electrical cleaning machine in a sewing room.

Photo: Al Jazeera/Berta Almeida source Al JA English title ‘We can’t do anything’: ‘We are all human’: A woman tells her story about her job article “It’s been an interesting year for me, I’m not really sure what to do anymore,” says Kia Dias, a Brazilian who lives in Rio de Janeiro.

She has been working as a cleaning woman in a public laundry room in the city.

And we can’t take care of ourselves.” “

The problem is, we are all humans.

And we can’t take care of ourselves.”

After three weeks of cleaning, she said she was overwhelmed with guilt, and asked her boss to take her home to take care, saying she felt exhausted.

“I didn’t want to go home, I didn’t even want to be here.

I was so tired and ashamed,” she said.

“But she told me to take the laundry room back to the apartment, and I did it.”

Dias says she has no regrets, and said she is thankful to have found a cleaner who understands her and her body.

“It makes me happy to know that I have a job,” she added.

The number of people cleaning up after washing machines is on the rise.

Brazilians are expected to clean more than one in three washing machines in the next five years, according to a survey released by the National Institute for Applied Economic Research (INDEP).

In the next two years, the country will spend a total of $4.6 billion on the cleaning of machines.

In Rio, the city has been the site of a huge number of garment factory closures, which have led to the closure of hundreds of factories and forced millions of people to go without clean clothes for months.

“There are a lot of problems in Brazil, especially the garment industry,” said André Vázquez, an IT consultant from Sao Paulo.

“You have so many different workers working, and not only with the garment workers, but also with the cleaners.

You need to take your time to know what’s happening with your body.

You should take care about yourself.”

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