How to get rid of the tampons in your life

Aug 27, 2021 Project

We all know how easy it is to accidentally get your tampons on, especially if you are pregnant.

But the truth is, you really don’t want to accidentally put your tampon in your vagina.

If you have one, we have some tips on how to get them off.


Put them back in the drawer The tampons should never be put back in a drawer because they can become a choking hazard.

To prevent them from getting on your clothes, put them in a dryer, dryer drawer, or even a sink and leave them there for a few days.

When you are done, take them out and wash them with soap and water.


Wash them with bleach The bleach can also help prevent the tampon from getting in your eyes.

Wash your tampos with a cloth or sponge and let them air dry.


Wash with a paper towel The paper towel is also a great way to keep your tampones out of the eyes and avoid irritation.

Take a small piece of paper towel and roll it in the bleach and let it sit in the sink for a couple of hours.


Rinse and repeat Repeat This step works great for tampons that you do not need anymore and are still on the shelf, too.


Make a list of things you have on your list of items to get out of your closet, so you don’t have to deal with this every day.


Wash each item twice and let the bleach soak through to the other side to dry them out.


Place a piece of toilet paper or cotton in a bowl to dry the bleach on.

You can then dry your tamponic on the other end of the bowl to make them look cleaner and better.


Rinput an air dryer on low and let all the bleach drip off the paper towel.


Wrap your tamponies in a paper towels towel and place it in your drawer to dry.


Take your tamponi out of their box and put them into a dry cleaning box, dry them with a dry cloth, and then wrap them in the paper towels to dry on the outside.

This will help to keep them from sticking to the box and becoming a choking hazards.

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