When a sewing machine won’t sew, why you should start your own

Aug 6, 2021 Contact

Juki sewing machines are an incredibly versatile piece of equipment, but the company behind them is trying to help you choose a better way.

Juki is making the first version of its Juki SEINGER Machine in the U.S. for people who are tired of buying a whole bunch of sewing machines for one set of needs.

The machine itself isn’t cheap, but it’s not too far from being the first mass-produced, foldable, sewing machine for the home.

The company says it will be available to preorder on October 16 for $79.99.

The machines will have “an open platform design, with interchangeable joints, and the ability to fold up into a compact and easy to store configuration,” according to the company’s website.

That’s a little more than a few years away from actually making those little folding machines, but Juki says the product will be made in the United States.

If that sounds familiar, that’s because it’s exactly what Juki’s founder, Yoko Yamamoto, did when she founded the company in 2005.

It took her some time to get the company off the ground, but she’s already sold millions of sewing machine sales since.

“I started in 2005 as a sewing toy, and in 2006 I started manufacturing sewing machines,” Yamamoto told NPR’s The All Things Considered.

“But I wanted to make a sewing device that could take care of the basic sewing tasks.

So, in 2006, I started to sell sewing machines and started to have customers ask if they could make them.”

Yamamoto says she has a lot of regrets about the company and its success, but also lots of love for the sewing machines she’s making.

“If I could do it again, I’d do it differently.

And if I could change the world, I think I would,” she said.

You can read more about the sewing machine from NPR’s All Things Must Pass here.

Jukio SEINGERS can be found in the USA, Australia, China, India, Japan, Singapore, South Korea, Thailand, and Turkey.

Jukei’s SEINGING machine is also available in other countries.

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