When is a sewing machine a sewing station?

Jul 25, 2021 Project

When a sewing needle is attached to a machine, it is a “sewing station”, meaning it is capable of performing some of the sewing tasks necessary for the fabric to be woven.

However, many sewing machines do not have a sewing table.

In a new video produced by the Royal Australian College of Surgeons, they show how they are designed to work in an industrial setting.

“The sewing machine is an extension of the machinery of the garment industry and it’s used for the very simple and practical tasks of sewing and mending and repairing the garment,” says the video’s presenter, Professor Chris Durney.

“If you want to make a bed, you have to sew the bed together and it needs to be sewn up and then sewn to the bed.”

In a modern garment shop, the sewing machine might also be used to attach the sewing kit to the fabric.

“If you have a bed that’s already sewn and you want a seam, you’ve got to sew it to the back of the bed and then it’s finished,” Professor Durnes explains.

The machine is not meant to be used for any kind of industrial sewing, however, it can also be fitted with a machine to attach a piece of sewing fabric to the garment and to create a sewn garment.

If a sewing kit is being used to sew on the back, the machine is then able to attach that piece of fabric to a piece and sew that piece to the front.

This process can then be repeated to make another piece of garment.

The machine is usually not meant for the creation of intricate designs on the fabric, such as the one featured in the video.

In reality, the machines are more often used for more mundane tasks such as sewing up curtains and fabric trim.

Dr Durne says the sewing machines are “very common” in the workplace, and the need for them to be functional in the home is becoming increasingly important.

“It’s a great tool to be able to do a few things, it’s a very useful tool, and it will help you get a job done,” he says.

With the right tools and training, the process of making a garment can be done in just a few minutes.


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