A woman has filed a lawsuit against the sewing shop in a Florida city over the sale of her clothing

Jul 9, 2021 Service

A Florida woman has sued the sewing business she claims sold her clothes.

In the lawsuit filed in federal court in Miami-Dade, Elizabeth Eagan alleges that the shop she said sold her a dress was actually a rip-off.

The lawsuit, filed on behalf of Eagan and her family, claims that the company that was allegedly selling Eagan’s clothing was selling her clothing online.

The suit states that the clothes were originally designed by an Australian company called Silk and that the products were made in China.

The dress Eagan was wearing was reportedly purchased online by Silk, according to the lawsuit.

According to the suit, Silk, which was also selling clothes in the Miami-Miami area, advertised the dress as being made in California and had been in use for two years.

The clothes were purchased in Miami on Aug. 6, 2018, according the lawsuit, and they were shipped to Miami-dade by a shipping company.

Eagan’s suit claims that Silk allegedly did not tell her that the fabric she bought in Miami was made in the United States, and she was told that the item was “made in China.”

She also claims that a Silk employee said the company would not make the fabric again, and that they told Eagan that they would ship it back to China, but that she had to wait for it to be returned to the United Kingdom.

Egan’s suit seeks unspecified damages.

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